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We are on a mission to help professionals save more lives, more efficiently and safely.

At Sharkmedical Innovations, we take great pride in what we do. As experienced healthcare professionals and medical device experts, we are devoted to providing innovative, high-quality medical solutions that help save more lives, safely and more effectively. It is our priority to ensure we deliver only to the highest quality standards – because lives depend on it.

We specialise in medical device development, manufacture, retail and emergency medical care training.

Sharkmedical Innovations is part of the Sharkmedical group, that specialises in medical device development, manufacture, retail and emergency medical care training. The parent company, Sharkmedical, is a qualified medical device manufacturer, compliant with ISO standards 13485 and 9001. We continue to invest in the development of life saving innovations within the healthcare and emergency medical care sectors.

Sharkmedical (Sharkmed Oy)
Sharkmedical Training Oy

Our vision is to become a significant solution provider through our life-saving innovations.

The trust of our highly expecting clients and high customer satisfaction rates are to prove we are on the right track. We sincerely believe, with all our professional knowledge, that these innovations will help our customers operate more safely and efficiently in their daily demanding work with patients.

Our core values


We want to be a reliable partner for our customers and develop long-term customer relationships. We strive for continuous and open communication with all our stakeholders. In addition, reliability means that the products and services we produce are reliable and of high quality.


With our operations our goal is to make our customers’ work easier, reduce healthcare costs and, in the long term, promote people’s health. This happens by introducing high-quality, innovative and responsibly produced products to the market. We comply with laws, minimize the environmental impact of our operations and act ethically.


The professionalism of our personnel is something we take great pride in. We want to offer our solid expertise and know-how to our customers.

Customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer is the most important goal in our operations. Our operation is based on understanding the customer’s security environment and through this also on individual service. Continuous development of operations for the benefit of our customers is of primary importance to us.

Sharkmedical Quality Policy

Sharkmedical Innovations’ operations are strongly guided by our company’s values. The starting point of our quality policy is that we identify the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and by meeting and exceeding them, we ensure the satisfaction of the stakeholders. We also recognize the laws that regulate our activities and the requirements of the authorities and act in such a way that the requirements are met. We take care of the well-being, health and safety of the personnel.

Our entire staff is committed to working in accordance with the quality policy, and we constantly measure and analyze our operations; we operate in accordance with the principles of continuous improvement. We also require our partners to commit to the same principles. The company’s operating methods are described in the quality manual as operating instructions that all our personnel follow.

Topi Haikala, Chief Executive Officer

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